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Vero Beach in Indian River County is home to many of the country’s most affluent celebrities and business people. With any place in the world to live, here are some of the reasons why Vero Beach is so sought after by the rich and famous.


The Vero Beach community exudes an appreciation for the finer things in life. Residents here enjoy fine shopping, like the boutiques lining Main Street, and the historic downtown center. The community also appreciates the natural beauty of life on the east coast of Florida, including the value of being able to take off in a private yacht or seaworthy vessel from any of the five marinas that dot the coastline of Vero Beach. This region of northern Florida is home to an upscale community accustomed to living life—indoors and out—to the fullest.


Vero Beach is part of the Indian River County school district, one of the top-rated public school districts in Florida and the county's largest employer. 

Elementary schools within Vero Beach include Beachland Elementary, Citrus Elementary, Dodgertown Elementary, Glendale Elementrary, Indian River Academy, and Vero Beach Elementary. There are three elementary magnet schools: Liberty, Osceola, and Rosewood.

Within Vero Beach are three middle schools that are part of the Indian River County school district: Gifford, Oslo, and Storm Grove.

Vero Beach High School is the largest high school in Indian River County and includes a main campus and a freshman learning center.

Points of Interest

Vero Beach’s beaches fall in the region known as the Treasure Coast of Florida. There are three main beaches, including South Beach, Humiston Park Beach, and Jaycee Park Beach.

At the Indian River Lagoon, residents and visitors enjoy kayaking, fishing, water skiing, diving, and swimming.

Vero Beach is the home of the Disney Vero Beach Resort.

The McKee Botanical Garden provides a family-friendly destination amid a jungle of native plant species just off of Highway 1.