Magnificent Indian River Shores Manor listed by Sam Robbins, Dale Sorensen Real Estate

Magnificent Indian River Shores Manor listed by Sam Robbins, Dale Sorensen Real Estate

VERO BEACH, FL/OCTOBER 2020– If you took all the best features of a hundred gorgeous homes and put them into one house, you would have the magnificently unique house at 111 Shores Drive. This 2-story, 4 bedroom and 4 full bath, one ½ bath home is listed by Sam Robbins, Broker Associate, Dale Sorensen Real Estate, for $1.75 million.  Located in the coveted Shores neighborhood in Indian River Shores, the entire property is surrounded by stunning foliage including old oaks, swaying palm trees, Spanish moss and flowering orchids.  But it’s the interior of this home that takes the breath of everyone who walks through the front doors.

Walking into this gorgeous manor is similar to walking into one in France or Germany. Elegant, carved woods, elegant sconces and chandeliers, thick cushiony rugs and room after room of stunning stained-glass windows are a few of the breath-taking features of this home. Just walking up the steps to the front door, one’s eyes are riveted to Flora, a goddess of sorts, on the large stained-glass window that greets you and implores you to come inside. In fact, the manor is named after her. Once you’ve entered be prepared to be almost overwhelmed with classic turn-of-the-century beauty, from the hand carved staircase that was rescued from a home in Indiana to the warm wood floors beneath you. There is a second beautiful wood staircase that was rescued from a home in Iowa.

The home was designed and built by retired oral surgeon Charles Infante. Charles spent 2 years traveling back and forth from Fort Lauderdale to Vero Beach, hiring tradesmen, seeking permits, and ordering materials. But the real story is one of a charming couple’s many trips around the US, attending auctions, finding salvagers that were selling antique doors, glass sconces and light shades, sideboards and butler boards. Charles and his wife Priscilla spent more than twenty years collecting items without knowing what house these items would fill. Somehow, when the house in Indian River Shores was complete, their collection fit perfectly and is an astounding testament to the couple’s design and decorating talents.

Many of the walls of the home were salvaged from the sixth floor of a department store in downtown Pittsburg.  The formal living room highlight is a fireplace with a gorgeous oak surround that was shipped from New Orleans and purchased at an auction in New York. The beautiful French doors in the living area lead out to a brick paver pool deck, summer kitchen and outdoor dining space complete with custom motorized screens that make it easy to enclose the area.  The pool and hot tub are open allowing for the warmth of the sun to glisten off the water.

A triple arch leads to the formal dining room showcasing a Lincrusta border and a ceiling that was created with eight salvaged doors.  Leading into the kitchen from the family room/bar area are saloon doors that came from a turn of the century saloon in Maryland.  Unique to the house are confessional doors used as pantry and closet doors.  The kitchen is surprisingly fresh and modern with professional grade appliances.  A custom designed chandelier came from a brownstone in New York while the sconces were once in an old railroad car. The kitchen cabinets with granite tops were custom made by a French-Canadian cabinet maker in Fort Lauderdale.

All 4 bedrooms have their own full baths with stained glass windows, marble countertops and sophisticated wallpaper.  This home has an overabundance of closets and storage areas, including a secret area under one of the staircases. While there are two beautiful staircases, there is also an elevator to the second floor. His den includes doors that once were exterior doors of a home in Indiana, while her office at the landing of staircase number two, is bright and filled with light.  A patio off the second floor looks over the pond and faces the early morning sun.

This home is filled with stained-glass windows which make colorful and bright rainbows throughout each room.  A gorgeous stain glass work features a peacock, his spectacular tail feathers spread.  There are beautiful examples of Fretwork, scrolled wood and metal, throughout the home.  This home has to be viewed in person to truly appreciate its many outstanding features. 

View the listing at  For a private viewing of this estate, contact Sam Robbins at 772.643.5255, via email at


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Dale Sorensen Real Estate welcomes sales associates John and Cindy Roberts

VERO BEACH, FL/JULY 2020 ─ Dale Sorensen Real Estate (DSRE) is pleased to announce that sales associates John and Cindy Roberts has joined the company’s real estate team.  

John and Cindy Roberts are turning their love for Vero Beach into a career that will enable them to share that passion with others.  

The Roberts were raising their family in Washington D.C. when Cindy’s mother and siblings moved to Vero Beach.  After years of visiting the quaint and charming community, they finally realized their dream and moved to Vero Beach in 2015.  Nearly their entire family calls the area home now.

As full-time residents, they’ve learned everything they can about their community.  As REALTORS®, they’re determined to make sure others learn too.

“We love the culture of Vero Beach,” said Cindy.   “The fact that, nestled deep in the Live Oaks, are a world-renowned theater and museum of art, majestic churches, fine dining, funky little bars, unique shopping boutiques, historic landmarks, and the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Medical Center are all here in our small town means we don’t have to travel outside Vero to enrich our lives.  With all those amenities, Vero’s natural beauty is still vigorously preserved by its residents.  I wish I could tell you how many times we pinch ourselves because we actually live here. We love our Vero and we want others to experience that same joy.”

Their passion for their community and philanthropy led them to Dale Sorensen Real Estate (DSRE). “DSRE is the industry leader and dominant presence in Vero Beach and beyond, not only in real estate, but also in community involvement,” John said.  “We love belonging to an organization and being part of a team of people who are just as passionate about enriching Vero Beach and the surrounding area as they are about selling homes. It is also refreshing to be part of an organization that is both supremely professional and profoundly family oriented.”

John has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Human Relations from St. Joseph’s College. Cindy earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Psychology from George Washington University. Both are members of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

The Roberts family enjoys spending sunny days at the beach, going to car shows and collecting cars, cooking, and spending time with family.Contact John on his cell phone at 703.579.7614 or by email at Contact Cindy on her cell phone at 301.943.8125 or by email at  You may also contact the Roberts at 772.492.5300; or visit their offices located at 1961 14th Avenue in Historic Downtown Vero Beach, FL 32960.


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A1A OFFICE: Highest Dollar Volume of New Listings

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CARDINAL OFFICE: Highest Dollar Volume of Closed Sales

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DOWNTOWN OFFICE: Highest Dollar Volume of Closed Sales

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Sebastian Office: Highest Dollar Volume of Closed Sales

Dale Sorensen Real Estate welcomes sales associate Colleen Liebert

VERO BEACH, FL/JULY 2020 ─ Dale Sorensen Real Estate (DSRE) is pleased to announce that sales associate Colleen Liebert has joined the company’s real estate team.  

Colleen began her real estate career early in life.  After 58 years in Kentucky, she moved to the Treasure Coast, landing in Vero Beach to enjoy her late husband’s retirement. Colleen’s background and experience have given her a deep understanding of all facets of real estate, from building brick and mortar properties to helping people find a dream home.  Her story reads like a novel about a true hard-working, American family. 

Colleen became very knowledgeable about residential real estate growing up in the family’s real estate business in Kentucky.  Her grandfather built the first commercial strip center in Jefferson County in 1954. For years, Colleen did the accounting and office management for the operation and was licensed to sell real estate in 1974. Her husband began developing shopping centers for the business and she took over managing those properties, writing the leases, and dealing with the tenants. After the back to back deaths of her beloved husband and father, Colleen sold her shares of the business to her siblings in 2010 and retired. She decided to live out her husband’s dream of retiring in Vero Beach. Eventually, she again became involved in buying, managing and selling properties and obtained her Florida license in 2018.    This 180-degree view of all aspects of real estate, from building and developing, to reading and managing rental agreements and contracts, to property management, means that she is able to aptly assist her customers as they transition throughout the real estate process. While licensed to sell real estate in Florida, she still maintains her broker’s license in Kentucky.

Colleen makes her customers’ properties a priority, using the many exclusive marketing and advertising tools provided by Dale Sorensen Real Estate to market their properties locally and globally.  Using market research and local real estate trends, Colleen helps her customers to price their properties for sale in order to achieve the fastest sale at the highest price point.  

Colleen loves living in Vero Beach where every day is paradise.  “I love the charming, small town feel of Vero Beach, yet it has all the amenities you would find in a much a larger community,” Colleen said.  “We enjoy first rate museums, art galleries, restaurants, shopping and more. Outdoor sports are varied here with boating, fishing, surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding at the top of the list.  I love being able to help others learn about our wonderful community and find their dream home here, just like I did.”

She is a member of Impact 100, and is a former board member of the Children’s Home Society.  Her passion though is an idea she has to buy or build a home for the area’s homeless women. “I know that the American dream is to own a home, but to these homeless women and children, just being able to sleep safely, in a bed, is a dream to them. I have goal to make this a reality for them, not just a dream.”

In her free time, Colleen enjoys cooking, boating and visiting her daughters and grandchildren. Contact Colleen on her cell phone at 502.551.2548; via email at; or visit her at her office located at 1961 14th Avenue, in Historic Downtown Vero Beach, FL.


A1A OFFICE: Highest Dollar Volume of Closed Sales

A1A OFFICE: Highest Dollar Volume of New Listings

CARDINAL OFFICE: Highest Dollar Volume of Closed Sales

CARDINAL OFFICE: Highest Dollar Volume of New Listings

DOWNTOWN Office: Highest Dollar Volume of New Listings & Closed Sales

sebastian Office: Highest Dollar Volume of Closed Sales

Sebastian Office: Highest Dollar Volume of New Listings

Local Realtor® and family making masks, raising money for American Cancer Society

VERO BEACH FL/APRIL 2020 – Local Realtor® Jennifer Bailey is known throughout the real estate community as a ball of fire with almost super-human energy.  Now she’s using her super power to help others, and she’s brought her family right along with her.

When Bailey, who works for Dale Sorensen Real Estate, started hearing the cries for masks, she decided to put her sewing skills to use.  Teaming up with her daughter, Felicia, and husband Steve, the family began designing and making masks and had sewn 315 as of April 20.  “Felicia tried to sew one of her fingers (she’s going to be fine), I’ve broken all my nails, have loads of new cuts and calluses, my thumb has a dent from the scissors and Steve who is the paracord cutter/burner/threader has burnt his fingers a bit…. but…. it’s worth every bit of it for all of us,” Bailey said with her typical humor.  “We are going to keep at it until we don’t need them anymore.” 

Because Bailey and her family really wanted to do something to help the community, she decided not to charge for the masks.  However, Bailey felt that they could have a double impact on the community by instead asking the people that get one to make a donation to the American Cancer Society, a cause near and dear to her heart. So far, they’ve raised over $1,000!  “People in our community are very generous and happy to give to such a deserving organization. Of course, we will donate masks to anyone even if they cannot afford to donate.”

That wasn’t the only project consuming this family’s life though.  Felicia and longtime fiancé, Gregory Cerna, were due to be married on April 18.  Due to the quarantine, the couple has had to postpone the planned celebration with friends and family, instead having an intimate ceremony at home.  “COViD-19 has forced them to postpone the big event until June, but they still wanted to have their day that they’ve planned for so long. They will have a full ceremony and reception when it’s safe to be in crowds again.”

The Bailey family is going to continue to make the masks and donate the proceeds but getting supplies is proving to be difficult.  “We have been through 1000 feet of cord so far. Thread, fabric, elastic, cord, ribbon, everything is very hard to get now.  We are back ordered on supplies, but we are not giving up.”

Bailey has been with Dale Sorensen Real Estate for more than a decade.  She is a licensed Florida Realtor® and the firm’s IT manager. 

Dale Sorensen Real Estate sales agent Lori Davis donates lunches to Indian River County 911 Dispatchers

VERO BEACH FL/APRIL 2020 – They’re the first voice that someone hears when they call for emergency response, but no-one ever sees them or knows their names.  They’re 911 Dispatchers and they’re reason that help arrives during an often times scary or critical situation.  On Wednesday, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office’s Public Safety Dispatch Unit opened their doors to a surprise, and some much-deserved recognition, with a free lunch.

Dale Sorensen Real Estate (DSRE) agent Lori Davis organized the show of support and worked with Chef Scot Varricchio from the Citrus Grill to package and distribute twenty-four boxed lunches to the dispatchers. Davis paid for the lunches while DSRE provided each dispatcher with a coffee mug.  Included in the lunches were thank you notes written by children of friends and family members.

“I felt like I had to do something in these unsettling times.  When I heard about what these amazing ladies do on a daily basis, regardless of the Covid-19 situation, I jumped at the opportunity to show my gratitude,” said Davis.  “My first thought was to contact Chef Varricchio at Citrus Grill to prepare the lunches. His response was an immediate yes!  I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling this way and asked my best friends with school age children if they would write a thank you note to the 911 ladies as well.  I had an overwhelming response of twenty-four thank you notes in 24 hours!  This is a time where families, friends and neighbors are joining together to thank all those who make our lives better and safer.  I am proud to live in a community that is so giving and to work with a company like Dale Sorensen Real Estate that supports us in all that we do.”

The response from the 911 Dispatchers was heartfelt.  “I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing lunch and gifts you brought us today,” said Robyn Candarini, Administrator, Public Safety Dispatch Unit, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. “The food was delicious and we just loved the cups.”

Candarini added that the dispatchers were really touched by the cards that the children wrote. “We would love to do something for the children that wrote the cards, they were so precious and we were truly moved!”

Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc.

The entire Dale Sorensen Real Estate family remains committed to working hard for our clients and extending support for our community. Our associates and staff are adapting to maintain the level of service our clients deserve. We are still taking listings, writing contracts and working with mortgage, title and insurance companies to ensure safe transactions. Our team remains available by phone, email and/or text so please do not hesitate to contact us.

DSRE has been closely monitoring this ever changing situation and will follow all precautions outlined by the CDC. We have been consulting with our clients to do what is in their best interest and will continue to show homes, with the approval of the seller, as long as this is
in compliance with state or local guidance.

In the past 42 years, we, along with the rest of Florida’s Treasure Coast, have endured great obstacles. As we have done before, we will work together to overcome and grow from this shared experience. We are committed to continuing our business during these uncertain times and are working together as a family, company and community to support each other.

Finally, thank you to all the essential employees and businesses that are working tirelessly to keep our community healthy and safe.