Dale Sorensen Real Estate welcomes sales associate Alex Westover

VERO BEACH, FL/JUNE 2021 ─ Dale Sorensen Real Estate (DSRE) is pleased to announce that sales associate Alex Westover has joined the company’s real estate team. 

With a degree in Business Administration, Westover knows the importance of innovative marketing, thinking fast, keeping up with market trends, and utilizing every available advertising tool. Adept at social media, energetic and forward thinking, he knows that in today’s fastmoving market, being purpose driven is necessary to being a step ahead.  Knowing that lifelong referrals are only possible when keeping the customer’s needs first, Westover offers superb customer service.

Westover is very knowledgeable about each of Vero Beach’s neighborhoods, especially Barrier Island communities.  Matching his buyers with the right neighborhood means learning what’s most important to them, such as schools, medical facilities, cultural activities or sporting activities.

An avid sportsman with a love of the local waterways, Westover is anxious to show off the many amenities Vero Beach has to offer, including watersports, golf, tennis, boating and fishing. 

Contact Alex Westover for all your real estate needs at 772.231.4712; on his cell at 772.494.3605; by email at alexwestover@sorensenrealestate.com; or at his office located at 3206 Cardinal Drive, Vero Beach, FL 32963.

About Dale Sorensen Real Estate

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What Goes Up, Goes Up Further – A Word From Dale Sorensen Real Estate’s London Office

Nick Churton of Dale Sorensen Real Estate’s London office looks to a genius to make  some sense of the current international real estate market and offer  some pointers for the future. 

What Isaac Newton, who formulated the laws of gravity in the middle of the 17th century,  would have made of the current gravity-defying real estate market is anyone’s guess. But, no  doubt, like most people he would have been flummoxed. 

Even a genius like Newton, who worked from home during the plague of 1665/66, would  have had difficulty making any sense of this market. Despite a global killer pandemic, tens of  millions of people out of work, nations in lockdown, travel halted and national treasuries  handing out trillions in support of businesses, jobs and mortgages, the real estate market  booms. It should, by any calculation, have plummeted like an apple from a tree. Instead, the  market didn’t fall; it held itself in suspended animation for a while before surging upwards. 

By any estimation the market should at least have mirrored the slowdown experienced after  the great recession of 2008. But from the Antipodes to the Americas, and from Europe to  the Far East, residential property prices in many countries are soaring. According to the  Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), it’s the fastest year-on-year growth in the past two decades. 

But perhaps we can learn something from Newton, whose third law stated that to every  action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

Covid made homeowners and homebuyers react by moving from cities and buying larger  homes in less crowded areas where they could work from home. At the same time interest  rate cuts kept mortgage repayments manageable and vaccines have generated confidence. 

It wasn’t long ago that real estate professionals were preparing for the worst. Now the  market, which is experiencing low inventory levels, is seeing increasing values with selling  prices often well exceeding their asking prices. 

Whilst most pandemic market activity has been in domestic markets, the international  market has also been defying gravity. Despite travel restrictions, international buyers have  been buying property sight unseen. Many homebuyers have been re-evaluating their lives or  bringing forward plans to buy an overseas bolthole or permanent home. But this is just the  tip of the iceberg; once travel opens up the signs are that there will be a super-surge of  demand and activity from international buyers. 

Growing numbers of sight-unseen global sales, ultra-competitive bidding on most listings and  incidence of gazumping are all sure signs of a property market in boom mode. But let’s give  Newton the last word in trying to make sense of what is going on. He said, “I can calculate  the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people”.